The CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science - South Africa (online) provides early career researchers (M-level to postdoc) with the foundational data science skills, which include technical skills and responsible research practices, to enable them to work with their data in an effective and efficient manner required by 21st century research.


The material covered by the programme is fundamental to all areas of research, and thus open to researchers and professionals from all disciplines that deal with significant amounts of research data. The goal is to provide a practical introduction to these topics with some theory and extensive hands-on training.


The goal of the programme is to provide a basic theoretical understanding of core concepts and extensive practical exercises. A high-level description of the programme is available via the link to the PDF of the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science - South Africa (online) curriculum.


Successful applicants will be expected to pay a non-refundable attendance fee of R1 150 to attend the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science.  There will be no additional costs associated with the training or training material. Successful applicants will be responsible for their own bandwidth and connection expenses. Successful applicants will have to pay the registration fee by 30 April 2024.

Filling out an application: Incomplete applications are not accepted. If you have any questions about the form, please send your questions to should set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the application form. We need a copy of your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or you could provide a link to the electronic version of your CV. You are required to motivate (up to 1000 words) why you should be selected. You also have to upload one reference letter when completing the application form. We suggest that you make sure you have all of these available before starting the application process. You are required to complete the application by 31 March 2024.

Approved applications: If your application to attend the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science is accepted, you will receive notification on the email address you provided on the online application form. This notification will be sent before 10 April 2024

Cancellation Policy: After you have been approved and formally agreed to participate in the activity, you MUST notify the organisers if you think you will not be able to attend the event. Remember that the number of participants is limited (max 50) and other students would be glad to attend the event. For this reason, cancellation with no previous notification may imply that you will not be able to apply for any future CODATA-RDA activities or training.

Accommodation and travel: The CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science - South Africa will take place online. Participants are not required to make accommodation and travel arrangements.

Proficiency in English: All seminars and training material will be in English, so fluency in English is essential.


Apply to attend the Summer School: 31 March 2024
Successful applicants notified: 10 April 2024
An indication
that the offer is accepted: 17 April 2024
Registration fee paid: 30 April 2024
CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science commences: 06 May 2024


All applications are to be submitted online making use of the link provided in the site navigation bar.

For more information on the application process go to Application


International Directors

  • H Shanahan, Royal Holloway University, UK
  • L Bezuidenhout, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • B Peterson, Fathom Data, South Africa

Local Organisers

  • M Holmner, UP EBIT
  • M van Deventer, UP EBIT
  • B Peterson, Fathom Data
  • L Makhafola, UP DLS
  • P Laughton, UP EBIT
  • H Baudin, NeDICC
  • M van Zaanen, NWU
  • N Shozi, CSIR
  • M Dreyer, NWU

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